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Lakewood Roofing Contractor in Dallas - Repair or Replace
We're a big fan of the roofing contractors at Lakewood Residential Roofing. The neighborhood of Lakewood is in Dallas near White Rock Lake.

While roofing as a whole has not changed much, one of the innovative roofing developments in the last few years has been the "ridge vent." Essentially, a ridge vent is a low-profile vent at the very top - the ridge - of your home's roof. Why is this a popular option?

First, it is visually unobtrusive. That means no whirlybird sticking up on your roof. It only sticks up a could inches and means a clean-looking roof.

Second, it is effective and efficient. This is because heat rises. So the ridge vent is exactly where your roof get's the hottest - right at the top. So heat naturally rises to the ridge of your roof, and when it does, the vent is right there to let it out.

Third, there are no moving parts to a ridge vent. The ridge vents we install at Lakewood Residential Roofing have nothing to break or wear out (unless your roof get's hit by a truck!). It is a "passive" vent system. Since the vent it at the highest point on your roof (the ridge), it is where it will natually catch the most wind. So the ridge vent allows our windy Dallas Lakewood area to put that wind to work -- cooling your attic and giving your insulation less work to do.

So whether you need a roofing repair, storm damage repair or to replace your roof in the Lakewood Dallas area, we are there for you at

Garland Roofing Installation of Ridge Vent
When you are looking for the right Garland Roofing Contractor, you want service + experience + value.

If you are having problems with your roof (water getting into your house, etc.)
That means accurately diagnosing the roof issue. And this can vary widely from age, wind damage, animal or tree damage, improper installation previously, etc.

At Garland roofing, our estimate starts with accurate info. That means photos, and especially - accurate measurements. Essentially, the measurements tell us HOW MUCH material is needed to fix/replace your roofing issue.

Once you've accepted our bid, we get the materials and install them right. By "right" we mean, not just in a way where you are not going to get leaks or parts of your roof falling off your house. I also mean that your roof repair or roof replacement is done accorfing to the _manufacturer's_ standards. Why is that important? Because it is key to getting, not only OUR roofing warranty, but the Manufacturer's material warranty!

When we install your roof, you know it is done the right way. After all we warranty our work and we don't want you to be unhappy and we don't want to do extra work repairing an installation. So it only makes sense to insist on a Garland roofing contractor that takes pains to do it right!

So for a happy experience with your Garland roofing on your home, simply fill out the request form on

We look forward to answering all questions and giving you an accurate bid, backed by our full installation warranty.