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Reliability is pretty much everything in a fence contractor. We're talking about the wooden privacy fence for your house. I don't know if you've shopped around for a good wood privacy fence lately, but when my friends did, we experienced these frustrating results:

  • they took 1-3 weeks to even come out and measure and quote the job
  • they were backup a couple months and could not start the job
  • they just plain were unprofessional and did not followup with communications
    (Yikes, this is lower than no customer support)
  • the prices were so all over the place for the same materials and labor that some of these quotes (either ultra high or super low) just HAD to be fishy. Were they actually "apples-to-apples" quotes in reality of was someone either (a) cutting corners or (b) jacking up the cost and trying to take advantage...
  • is the fence contractor just cherry picking their projects and my fence quote is not even on their radar?

I call this ABUSE by a contractor, not service! But it does not have to be that way. You deserve to get responded to with a fair price! In the Dallas and North Dallas (Frisco, Plano, Allen, Richardson) service areas, you want straight-shooting and no-nonsense fence contractors that are not disrespecting or playing games with their customers/prospects. 

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When the fence around your yard is done right, it can be a source of beauty in addition to providing security and privacy.

And now comes the good news. We've found to be just that - both fair and responsive. And (like the title suggests), RELIABLE as well. It should be a given that the fence is installed right with long-term reliability in mind. This means many things, that other guys try to cut corners on such as:

  • are the fence posts metal so they don't rot out like wooden ones do?
  • are the fence posts installed deep enough to be sturdy and not start leaning, or get blown over by high winds?
  • did they suggest to me using "pre-treated" fence pickets that stand up to the North Dallas weather conditions?
  • are they obsessive about using actual levels so that my fence is not a bit "wonky"and off kilter?
  • are they using cheap nails and not enough of them to even hold the pickets securely.
  • did they suggest installing a kickboard? (see more on that here

The fact is that it is pretty easy to build a fence that looks nice... for the first 6 months. But then the scammer's fence starts FALLING APART, coming loose, letting the dog escape, and sagging...

A fence done right does not need being re-built or repaired for years. Sure, it might need re-staining in a couple years, but it is holding together and not leaning or rotting. That means value. That means a fence installed that cares about customer service. That SHOULD be a given, but unfortunatly, it is no longer a given intoday's "hit-and-run", "wham bam" contractor culture.

Simply avoid the grief and the drama by choosing a reliable and reputable fence contractor. It is so worth it. All the more reason to go to and fill out the "request a quote" form on the home page. Expect a fair price, for quality work - you'll thank me later!